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Payroll Software

Quickly, easily and confidently pay employees from wherever you are and never worry about tax compliance again. Speak to a representative today, call 855-565-3291.

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Our online payroll software is the easiest to use and most powerful solution for medium and small businesses.

Payroll can be a time-consuming, administrative task for your HR team. Paycor’s payroll software is an easy-to-use yet powerful tool that gives your team time back. Quickly and easily pay employees from wherever you are and never worry about tax compliance again. We give business leaders the right technology to work smarter and the expertise they need to make a difference. Our payroll solution is flexible—there’s no waiting for changes. Get in, make edits, run payroll and get out. If you have questions, our payroll and tax experts are here to help.

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Expect More from Your Payroll Software Solution

Smart Streamlining
Optimize your payroll services with general ledger integration, employee self service, helpful HR resources like form templates and reporting tools. Reduce hours of work through a smarter, more efficient solution. Find out how much time Paycor can save you.

Employee Support
From direct deposit and paycards to wage garnishments, child support payments and seamless 401K integration, you can simplify all the services your employees need and want.

Tax Compliance Assistance
Let our experts assist you with complicated areas like payroll tax compliance and workers comp so you can focus on paying your people. Our tax team helped clients with over 450,000 tax notices in just the last year.

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Payroll Software Perfection

Optimized Processes
Intuitive workflows and processes make processing payroll easier than ever before. From adding unlimited columns to calculating a gross-to-net instantly, you’ll save hours of work.

General Ledger Integration
Leverage Paycor's general ledger electronic data integration service to connect your existing GL to Paycor's payroll solution.

Easy Employee Self-Service
Reduce administrative processes and employee questions about pay stubs, pay history and tax forms by empowering employees through self-service access. Smarter workflows let you review and approve any necessary changes. Paycor Mobile allows you to review and approve changes from your mobile device.

Human Resources On Demand
Access a complete knowledge base of HR resources including forms, templates, quick guides and alerts. Plus, certified HR professionals are just a call away.

Powerful Reporting & Analytics
Make real-time business decisions with our powerful analytics platform. Through our pre-post reporting and export tools, it offers the ultimate payroll accuracy.

Read our HCM & Payroll Technology Buyer's Guide.

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Employee Support

Paycor Mobile
Employees can access all of their most important information, from pay stubs to benefits information, all through their mobile phones. Get information on our mobile apps.

Direct Deposit
Make it easy for employees to get their paycheck electronically via direct deposit. Questions? All pay stub information is accessible online through Paycor Mobile.

Paycor integrates with several Paycard providers to ensure everyone is paid accurately.

401(k) Integrations
Paycor's solutions can connect directly to 401(k) providers, including a full 360-degree integration. See a full list of our 401(k) integration partners.

Wage Garnishments
Get the full support you need to ensure garnishment payments are accurate and notices are reviewed.

e-Child Support
Reduce manual work and ensure compliance by automating sending child support payments each pay period.

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Tax Compliance Assistance

Stress-Free Payroll Tax Compliance
Tax experts who work in some of the most challenging geographies help ensure compliance at every turn.

Workers Compensation
We help calculate workers compensation premiums, debit the total amount from your accounts, then deposit monies collected and file reports, when due, on your behalf.

Team of Experts
Worried about complicated tax notices? Our team of experts are there to help make sure you’re doing the right thing.

Precise Record Keeping
Accurate record keeping of payroll information is required for labor and tax compliance laws. Accessible, easy-to-understand records will go a long way toward keeping your company compliant.

Stay ahead of violations with our 2019 Compliance Guide.

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Our payroll software system pays more than one million people across all 50 states. Quickly and easily pay employees from wherever you are, all while ensuring tax compliance.

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Paycor brings ongoing, proactive expertise to every aspect of the client experience, starting with our consultative sales approach through implementation. We offer a dedicated team support model, in which a group of experts understand your unique business and industry.

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Thought Leadership

With the right tools and support, we believe there’s nothing you can’t accomplish. Whatever your payroll and tax challenges are, we’ll help you solve them with technology that works for your particular situation. We’ll also keep you up to date with thought leadership on tax and compliance trends and best practices.

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